Who is La Minimalista?

I'm Lianna. Austin, TX is where I call home, but I have many other places that I've called home over the past decade. I quit my corporate job twice in my twenties to travel and I've learned the value of experiences over things. Traveling changes you. It enlightens you and changes your perspective on the world...at least it should. I've seen enough to realize that my day to day choices make an impact on this place that I share with billions of other people and I realize that the more intentionally I live, the better I am mentally and physically for it. 

My definition of minimalism is "living a life with less and doing it fabulously." Just because you don't have a house full of the latest Mid-century Modern decor, or a closet full of designer clothing, doesn't mean you can't be fabulous. It just means that you've taken the time to cultivate a life that gives you more purpose and meaning and THAT is really sexy. 

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.
— CoCo Chanel

In August of 2016, my husband and I sold the majority of our belongings and moved into a camper van to travel the East Coast. This is when I really learned that I could live more with less and be really happy doing it. Since coming back to Austin, I've decided to make some serious changes and the purpose of this blog is to not only share these changes, but to inspire you to think more about what you place value on and less about what weighs you down. 

I'm obsessed with budgeting hacks, exploring natural remedies, my cat, and simplifying. I'm excited to share my musings, tips, and adventures with you. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything. I know that much of what we see on social media is a reflection of the things we WANT to show and not what's really going on. I appreciate transparency as much as the next person. I hope you enjoy what I have to say and I hope you can find ways to simplify and create the life you deserve!

Vanlife Girl
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